As a specialist manufacturer of laser machines, JUNYI mainly focuses on manufacturing metal processing equipment with high quality performance at an affordable price. Currently, our portfolio includes laser sheet metal cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine and hand-held laser welder.

Our laser machines can be widely applied in metal fabrication applications for a huge variety of industries such as aerospace, electronics, railway parts, automotive, precision parts, shipbuilding, advertising, kitchenware, etc.

Junyi Laser

JUNYI is a specialist metal working machinery manufacturer focusing on the design and manufacture of laser equipment. The company has developed a range of laser metal processing machines including laser metal sheet cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine and hand-held laser welder. At JUNYI, our mission is to further improve products and develop automatic production solutions to let our customers from around the world use stable laser machines.

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    1. Metal Door Panel Processing
    2. Metal Door Panel Processing

      JUNYI has provided BUYANG Group with fiber laser cutting machine that features a working area allowing for loading two pieces of standard-size door panel, thus significantly enhancing the production efficiency.

    1. Metal Crafts Processing
    2. Metal Crafts Processing

      To meet the customer needs of high material utilization rate and high metal processing speed, JUNYI has developed a laser cutting solution tailored to satisfy customer's production demands.

    1. Industrial Fan Processing
    2. Industrial Fan Processing

      JUNYI has configured the laser machine with high grade laser source coupled with auto focus laser cutting head to realize smooth cut edge for customer in industrial fan & blower manufacturing industry.

    1. Metal Hardware Processing
    2. Metal Hardware Processing

      The operating software used in the laser cutting machine is featured by error compensation for cutting precision, efficiently keeping the cutting error to a minimum.