Zhejiang Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. (JUNYI LASER)
    1. Metal Door Panel Processing
    2. Metal Door Panel ProcessingBUYANG Group is a company specialized in manufacturing metal doors, especially stainless steel doors and brass doors. To guarantee high processing efficiency, they have the demand... Learn More
    1. Metal Crafts Processing
    2. Metal Crafts ProcessingThis customer is mainly engaged in the metal craft industry. They specialize in processing various complex-shaped products with metal materials like carbon steel... Learn More
    1. Industrial Fan Processing
    2. Industrial Fan ProcessingAs many businesses become more aware of environmental impacts, industrial fans are required to be characterized by less power consumption, low noise level and eco-friendly behavior...Learn More
    1. Metal Hardware Processing
    2. Metal Hardware ProcessingThe operating software used in the laser cutting machine is featured by error compensation for cutting precision, efficiently keeping the cutting error to a minimum.Learn More